I have 30 years experience creating marketing, branding, communications and advertising solutions for an extensive variety of small and large businesses. I have a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Kent State University.

In addition to my extensive freelance experience, I also earned my credentials through full time graphic design positions within in-house marketing departments at Salal Credit Union in Seattle and the University of Phoenix

My design style is clean and contemporary. My work stands the test of time, and won’t become dated in a few years.

I believe that graphic design is much more then creating pretty pictures. It’s a process involving problem solving and communicating the intended message to the desired audience.

It’s vitally important and absolutely essential to the success of your company to put your best foot forward and create an immediate and professional visual image-one that resonates with your client base and says “I want to work with you,” “I want to buy that product!” or “Wow, I want to attend that event!” I can help you achieve this goal. 

When engaging with me, I will ask thorough questions about the nature of your business, your clients, target demographics and intended look and feel, in order to arrive at the highest quality marketing and communication materials. I design materials with YOUR goals in mind. You will find me to be easygoing and collaborative.

Clare Parfitt Graphic Design


(206) 790-4533

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