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Recent Work

I designed this logo for a new business called “Ethyl’s Garage.” This was a very fun and enjoyable project. The company sells repair manuals and other books directed at classic car enthusiasts and mechanics. I was given the direction to create an “Ethyl” character that was reminiscent of Rosie the Riveter, the symbol from the World War II era promoting women newly entering the workforce in non-traditional, male dominated fields. I did research to find photos and descriptions of actual women mechanics in the 1940s, matching hair and style of dress. I used retro colors and the “wings,” a design feature of many cars from of that era.

This logo was created for “Bruce Wayne” Davis. Bruce is a Medicare insurance broker. He consults with individuals who have disabilities, and those just turning 65 and signing up for Medicare. Bruce Wayne is also the name of the fictional Batman character’s everyday persona.

The real Bruce is known informally as “Batman,” and his unique brand is that of a “superhero.” And aptly so-Bruce is an extremely personable guy who goes out of his way to help his clients navigate the confusing options available for Medicare and sign up for the best plans. The challenge in designing Bruce’s logo was to develop a concept that brought to mind Batman and a superhero theme, without overtly plagiarizing the Batman logo and brand.

After the development of many concepts, we arrived at the this logo-utilizing the bright colors, stylized “M” in the shape of a bat, superhero uniform, and the bold font to create the intended look.

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